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Harlan-McGee of North America's staff of experienced professionals work flawlessly together as a team to provide our clients the maximum benefit of our broad range of expertise. We use this synergy to design projects that are innovative, accessible, easily maintainable, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and economically feasible.

Ernest J. Gailor, PE; Principle Engineer

Mr. Gailor is a professional engineer licensed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire, with over thirty years of extensive experience. He has designed, developed and inspected numerous structures, as well as roadway, water, sewer and storm water systems for municipal, commercial, institutional, industrial and residential clients. He has also provided investigation, testing, assessment and abatement design for hazardous materials encountered in the design and development of buildings and sites. He is an expert in forensic engineering, investigating building and/or structural failures, code violations, safety issues and construction practices.

Tim Donlon, PE, Structural Engineer

Mr. Donlon is a professional engineer licensed in New York, who provides us with structural and site analysis. His nine years of experience include residential subdivisions, fire houses, communication towers and highways and bridges. He has also performed UFPO inspections.

Bruno Batko, CADD Designer

Mr. Batko has been a designer for the past seven years. He has worked for some of the area's largest contractor's and brings a diverse portfolio to Harlan-McGee of North America. Some of his projects include custom homes, sports facilities, warehouses and religious buildings.

Wayne Clairmont, CADD Site and Landscape Designer

Mr. Clairmont is one of our latest additions to our design team. He has worked both in the general contracting side of the business and now the design side. He has worked on a wide variety of projects which makes him very versatile when it comes to meeting the client’s needs.

Harlan-McGee of North America


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