Location & Facilities

Our main office is located in an historic 1900's Grange Hall in Malta Ridge, Saratoga County, New York. We also maintain a satellite office in Buffalo, New York.

While our building is vintage in age, it has been refurbished on the inside to be state of the art. We use the latest hardware, software and peripherals to accomplish our goals. Our Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) programs allow us to produce high quality drawings, renderings, schedules and specifications in both color and monochrome.

Harlan-McGee of North America

Other programs we use to support our projects include software for construction estimating, facilities management, task scheduling, budgeting and cost control. Our high speed internet connection provides easy access to the most recent codes, regulations, material specifications, suppliers and other information relevant to the industry.

Our computer stations are linked together for efficient time management, cooperative team work, and easy transfer of data and full access to any of our peripherals. We maintain modern scanning and printing equipment providing full color ink jet plotting of oversized media (to e-size), full color thermal printing of regular sized media, laser printing of other documents, and blueprint and photocopy reproduction capabilities.




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